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Want to learn to make yarn from scratch but feel totally intimidated?
"I've got you! This free beginners class will teach you everything you need to know to make your own yarn start to finish" 
How to attach fiber to a wheel and spindle
Basics of drafting and spinning
Basics of designing thicker or thinner yarn and adding in texture for more of an “ Art Yarn” Look
About Your Presenter
Erin James is the Owner and Director of Crafty Housewife Yarns & My Local Wool. She is also one of the top Dealers for the SpinOlution Spinning Wheel Company with a proven background in customer education and support. Her YouTube Channel has become one of the leading places to learn about yarn spinning while having fun. 
She is passionate about teaching in person and online. 

Here at CHY we've been spinning with friends, working towards sustainable fiber arts supplies, and sharing our projects since 2014. We would love for you to join us! Take the first step in learning how to spin on either a spinning wheel or drop spindle.

What Drives Us:

Relaxation: Learning to design and spin you own yarn is a proven way to relax and unwind. Promoting focus and even breathing.

Creative Outlet: The fiber arts is a great creative outlet for those who feel the need to create but are not called to more traditional mediums of art. 

Community: Learning to spin will automatically send you into a sense of community with both online and local groups. We would love to have you join ours and share your work. 

History & Tradition:Spinning fiber into yarn is one of the oldest forms of human innovation and has been an important part of life in most cultures. 

Don't have any supplies? No worries we have a supplies section including how to make a drop spindle with at home supplies. 
See you on the inside!
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